Milky Way Casino: The Conclusive Casino Guide 2024

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Jun 20, 2024 Reading time : 9 min

In the current age of digitalization, online casinos are on an upswing, with new casinos coming into the market every day. More and more users are logging in to online casinos with their Poker cheat sheet. The Milky Way Casino is another newbie that has instantly gained user’s attention. It’s a no-deposit bonus policy and daily perks are appreciated by new players.

But what calls to our attention is the safety standards of this online platform. Today we’ll be reviewing the Milky Way online casino and analyzing its features and benefits to see how safe and fun this platform is. 

Milky Way Casino Overview

Milky Way is a free-play social casino that claims to offer multiple opportunities for earning huge rewards without posing a risk to your money.  

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? That’s why we decided to put this website to the test. 

During our investigation, we discovered that MilkyWay isn’t licensed by any online gaming authority. Furthermore, it doesn’t even offer any real money games, the general terms of this website conclude that – it’s a free play platform designed for entertainment purposes only. 

Meanwhile, its FB page claims it to be a place where players can win real money, and it is quite contradictory to the website statement. Even the user reviews are quite mixed. Read till the end as we dig into depth for the real facts related to MilkyWay Casino!

Milky Way Online Casino Login

One can download Milky Way online casino apps from the Google Play Store or from APK. Unfortunately, there’s no app available for Apple users, which means that iOS users can only access the website. 

Similar to other casino platforms, you first have to register yourself on the platform to get started. If you have already registered, follow the following steps to log in to your MilkyWay account:

  1. On the Home Page, tap on the Login option.
  2. Enter your login credentials, i.e. your Username and Password.
  3. Lastly, hit the Login option, and you are good to go.

In case you forgot your login credentials, click on the Forgot Username or Password option to retrieve them with your registered email or mobile number.

Games and Slots at MilkyWay Casino

MilkyWay in total, provides 22 slot games that include Hot Buffalo, 888 Fortune Gold, etc. We tried these games and figured out that they are inspired by the Wild Buffalo and 88 Fortunes from the mainstream money slot games. 

Honestly, these games were quite fun to play, but don’t expect to earn money from them. Here, you won’t be making any real money bets, instead, you will win Sweeps tokens.

These are the top 3 MilkyWay slots that we like and suggest you try at least once!

  1. Milky Moolah – It’s a farm full of vibrant characters that include pigs, cows, chickens, etc. You’ll have to match three or more characters to receive a payout or an explosion. The explosion will give you a surprising series of cascading wins.
  2. Triple Sevens – Another slot game that features three reels and amazing symbols is Triple Sevens. The classic symbols are 7s, cherries, and bars. To receive a prize, you’ll need to match three symbols. Furthermore, you’ll also get a progressive jackpot after multiple matches.
  3. Fish Games – There are 15 fish games that are more like cross slots and shooters. Aim to shoot random symbols and get rewarded for completing your mission. Dragon Slayer is the best fish game, you can also try Fire Kirin Plus, Eagle Strike, and Frog Frenzy. 

Apart from Milky Way slots and fish games, you can also explore many listings for keno, blackjack, and other casino games on its website. The only drawback is that, unlike other casinos, you won’t be winning any cash for playing.

Bonuses and Perks Available at Milky Way Casino

At Milky Way online casino, you get daily login bonuses and promotions as an initiative of their free-play model. Some reviews mentioned $5 login and sign-up bonuses, but we didn’t receive any, so maybe it’s discontinued now. 

There wasn’t enough information about the deposit bonus and withdrawal options, so we can’t really comment on that. But yes, one thing is sure, Milky Way Casino no deposit bonus is still available, and you don’t even need a deposit code for that. 

Milky Way Casino Promo Code

MilkyWay promo code is a real thing! You get the option to enter a promo code while registering on the platform. However, if you hope to get a no-deposit bonus code, forget about that because we didn’t receive any. Chances are they might have stopped giving the no-deposit bonus code now. 

To get these special no-deposit bonus codes, you’ll need to request their FB page. There was a review that listed four different deposit bonus codes, but again we weren’t able to confirm the credibility of this information because we didn’t receive any. Chances are there are no such tokens, or maybe they don’t work anymore. 

Banking Methods Available at Milky Way Casino

MilkyWay casino doesn’t clarify the method of purchasing coins and what sort of payment methods they use. There’s nothing that mentions the redemption method on the website, which indirectly indicates that you don’t receive real money for playing here. 

There were some reviews stating that they support payment from CashApp and BitPay, but we cannot confirm this information because, on the official website, there’s no mention of the payment and redemption method. 

Strengths and Limitations of Milky Way Online Casino

Milky Way Casino is a fun platform to explore. It offers many exciting games and bonuses, but many things on the FB Page contradict what is mentioned on its website. Hence, we bring to you the list of the strengths and drawbacks of using this platform. 

  • Free play casino platform.
  • Doesn’t involve the risk of losing money.
  • Offers exciting bonuses and perks.
  • Isn’t limited to classic casino slot games.
  • You won’t be playing for real money.
  • Withdrawal policy isn’t clear.
  • Statements on the website and FB page contradict a lot.

User Reviews of Milky Way Online Casino

There were mixed user reviews about the Milky Way casino. Some users were quite satisfied with the games and services, while others were complaining about the no-withdrawal method.

Some of the unsatisfied customer reviews claim the site to be a:

“TOTAL SCAM Website, KEEP AWAY. I was promised a welcome bonus and no deposit bonus code on signing up and logging in, but didn’t receive anything at all. Furthermore, I am not able to withdraw my rewards. I have a lot of points and none of them could be withdrawn. Total con, keep away.”

“My account was suddenly locked without any notification and for no reason. I tried contacting their customer service and reached out to them twice via mail only to get no reply! There’s no money on winning games. Terrible customer service, would not recommend this game to anyone.”

On the other hand, some of the happiest customers defined this platform as: 

“The Milky Way Casino is a fun site for exploring casino and slot games. I am quite satisfied with their bonuses and customer service. Their customer care executives talk well and withdrawing money is very easy and quick.”

“An amazing website with unique games! You get a daily login bonus, promotions, and whatnot. Even if you lose, there’s no potential threat to your money. The only downside is withdrawal is a bit complicated, and sometimes you’ll need to contact customer service for their assistance, but they are quite helpful and you can rely on them.”

How to Contact Customer Service of MilkyWay Casino?

There’s no direct way of reaching out to the customer executives. To contact them, you’ll need to fill out the form available on their official website. Or you can reach out to their Facebook Team to report a problem or seek their assistance. 

The Bottom Line

Milky Way Casino is a good platform for playing slots and classic casino games, but it’s definitely not one for making money. It has an entertaining theme and an interactive user interface, and the best part is that you can enjoy gaming without spending a penny. 

If you purely want to enjoy gaming, this site is ideal for you. However, those who play for money can find this site a bit disappointing. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Milky Way Casino licensed in the US?

No, Milky Way Casino isn’t licensed from any authorized online casino licensing place, neither in the US nor any other part of the world.

Is it possible to win real money at the Milky Way casino?

No, MilkyWay Casino doesn’t support withdrawing rewards, which means you can’t make money from this platform. It’s a free-play platform that doesn’t offer any money for winning.

Is Milky Way Casino safe?

The Milky Way online casino is not registered or licensed by any authorized online casino licensing body, so It’s hard to say that this website is completely safe.

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