The Ultimate Poker Cheat Sheet to Invite Continuous Fortune in 2024

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Want to improve your winnings dramatically at low stakes? For this, all you need to have is an ultimate poker cheat sheet. 

The right strategies will provide you with the right insights and significantly improve your chances of winning. 

So, let’s learn how to create consistent winning gameplay with an all-inclusive Texas Hold’em poker cheat sheet, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. Read it till the end and you’ll be equipped to take your cards to a strip poker game and get to keep all your clothes. 

Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheets for the Right Starting Poker Hands

Grabbing victory across all the poker hands requires first playing with the right hands. Use the keys to beat the lowest-stakes games, whether online or live. 


These strategies help you make profits in the very lowest stake games. It is advised to NOT use these in mid or high-stakes poker tournaments. 

Here is the Texas hold em cheat sheet that you should remember, along with their nicknames. 

Poker Hand Name NicknameDescription 
American Airlines, Pocket Rockets AAAbsolute powerhouse

Can get it all in if given an option. 
CowboysKKSecond-strongest poker hands.
Can help you make heaps of money. 
Big Slick, Anna KurnikovaAKAn Ace and a King form, a powerful combination in poker. 

Use it after considering all the factors.
LadiesQQPowerful hands in every scenario.

Don’t get rid of them, even if they are not making any miracles.
Fishhooks, Jiggities JJVery strongest pocket player.

Stands well within the top ten hands in all the poker. 
Anthony and Cleopatra AQTwo high cards.

Useful in shorter tournament stacks.
DimesTTPair of Tens.

Helpful to make money once you have learned ways to play.
Phil Hellmuth or Pocket Nines99Usually considered the weakest hand. 

But, a powerhouse in the game. 

Do You Know? 🤔

Pocket nines are one of the weakest hands, but you can consider them somewhat of a powerhouse in the game of Texas Hold’em poker. Back in 1989, this hand made Philip Jerome Hellmuth the world champion. 

Memorize this cheat sheet poker hands, to safely enter the game.

Cheat Card for Poker Hand Rankings – Strongest to Weakest

Do you know that poker hands fall into 10 categories? The Royal Flush has the potential to bring you all the fortune. 

Knowing the poker chips value will help you master the game of poker. So, let’s learn about the strongest and weakest poker hands you need to consider while playing. 

  1. Royal Flush (10 J Q K A) Combination of 10, Jack, King, Queen, & Ace from the same suit.
    Royal Flush
  1. Straight Flush (10 9 8 7 6) – 5 cards of the same suit in a sequence 
    Straight Flush
  1. Four of a Kind (5 5 5 5) — 4 cards with the same numeric value 
    Four of a Kind
  1. Full House (6 6 6 K K) — 3 of a kind and a pair in the same hand 
    Full Houses
  1. Flush (J 9 8 4 3) — 5 cards of the same suit in any order 
  1. Straight (10 9 8 7 6) – 5 cards of any suit in any sequential order 
  1. Three of Kind  (Q Q Q 9 2) — 3 cards having the same digits 
    Three of a Kind
  1. Two Pair (J J 3 3 2) — 2 different pairs in the same hand 
    Two Pair
  1. One Pair (10 10 8 7 4) — One hand with 2 cards of 1 rank and 3 cards with no same rank at all 
    One Pair
  1. High Card (K Q 7 4 3) — 5 cards not meeting any above requirements 
    High Card

Fast Fact💡

The best hand at the table may be held by more than one player. So, the tie in such a case is broken with a kicker — the next highest card in the hand.

Do consider the charts mentioned above to gain a theoretical picture to avoid making mistakes resulting in losing money. These hand rankings will help you become a winning poker player in the long run!  

Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheet for Poker Odds

Having a strong hand is always impossible, and you are more likely to miss a flop in such circumstances. 

Understanding poker probabilities to guess your opponent’s holdings and putting effort into improving your hand on the flop is the best you can do at that time. 

Take a look at your probability of flopping the hand:- 

Your Hand on the Flop Your Probability of Flopping the Hand 
Full House (when holding a poker pair) 0.73%
A Flush (when holding two suited hands) 0.73%
Straight (when holding two suited hands)1.3%
Two pairs (when holding non-pair hole cards)2%
Set(when holding a pocket pair)11.8%
One pair or better (when holding non-pair cards)32.3%

Apart from this, the calling and bluffing odds are also important. Therefore, you need to evaluate how many times you will have to win to make your calling profitable! 

Cheat Sheet Poker for Starting Hands

Trying to grab hands on too many tricks is the most common mistake players make. 

Therefore, knowing what hands to play is indispensable. Also, if you are on the button or close to the right of it, you will have a positional advantage during the post-flop. 

Jump into this poker sheet visualization to know which hands you should play by position in a typical 6-max game. 


The Button moves one space clockwise after each hand.

The above poker hands cheat sheet shows what hands to play if no player has entered the pot before you. Remember, the UTG has the tightest range because it is the most distant from the button. 

Also, with HJ, you’ll be opening the same range as UTG in addition to the hands in pink. Moreover, consider this chart as the tip of the iceberg, and study other charts by position, like RFI (Raise-First In). 

Texas Hold’em Poker Cheat Sheet Featuring Positions  

Do you know in poker, the action always starts with EP, i.e., Early Positions?

The show starts with EP and ends with BB (Big Blind), then again begins with SB (Small Blind) and follows a clockwise path to BTN (Button). So, you need to understand the poker positions better to realize your equity. 

Well, the positions at the poker table in Texas Hold’em are as follows:

Under the Gun (UTG)

It is the first position to the left of the big blind, who is the first to act pre-flop. Also, it is the least favorable position to be in. However, to make the most of the UTC, you will have to play most hands and come in for a raise. 

Tip:- Playing more than 15% is always a mistake. It’s ok to expand your range slightly at a very nitty table. 

Under the Gun +1 (UTG1)

The other position to the left of the blinds is UTG 1, which puts you at a positional disadvantage against most of the table. With this, you will have to play fairly tight. Also, you will be able to enter the pots when you have a big hand. 

Tip:-  Don’t try to steal the blinds or get too aggressive with this position.

Under the Gun +2 (UTG2)

This Early Position will warrant a fairly tight and careful play. But, with this, you will be getting close to the Middle Position. Although, you can choose to open your range up, play strong hands like suited Aces and Broadway cards. 

Middle Position, Lojack (MP, LJ)

As these are the next two individuals after the UTG or EP, thankfully, here you can open up 20% of your total hands. So, try to bring some off-suit broad ways and extra-suited connectors into play. 

Tip:-  Avoid too many steal attempts with hands like off-suit connectors or trashy-suited hands.

Hijack (HJ)

Actual stealing position at the poker table. Consider the two players who have a position on you and are likely to play back at you. Here, you can also think of 3-bet re-steals against earlier position opens.

Tip:- Don’t forget that the early position openers have a strong range themselves. 

Cutoff (CO)

One of the best positions that give you power is to knock one position to establish absolute authority. It is the immediate right of the Dealer or Button. You can easily raise more than 30% with CU.

Tip:-  Think of re-stealing from 3-betting against MP or HJ. 

Button (BTN)

It is like a magic dealer button and the best position to be in. You are also called Dealer or Button, who acts last after every hand and moves clockwise at the start of each new hand. This allows you to play at a wide range, steal, or re-steal quite often. 

Also, you can realize your equity in all cases because the button is the most profitable position. So, enjoy playing with as many hands as possible. 

Small Blind (SB)

It is at the left of the dealer, who pays an SB before the pre-flop betting round and is in the worst position to be in. This won’t let you play hands in your conditions. So, you will have to tighten up and play fairly straightforwardly. 

Big Blind (BB)

It sits to the direct left of the SB, who pays a BB before the pre-flop betting round of each hand. Well, this can put you into a few interesting spots. On one side, you will play hand out of position against all players, whereas on the other hand, you will get a discount on calling any raises. 

Tip:- It is good enough to see a flop with a reduced price and amazing odds you are getting. 

Apart from the above-discussed positions, a few additional ones that might sound confusing to you are discussed here:-

  • UTG+1 (Under-the-Gun plus 1)
  • EP1, EP2, etc. (*Early Position*): synonyms for UTG along with the next few positions 
  • MP1, MP2, etc. (*Middle Position*): This concludes with Lojack and comes after the Early Position. 

It won’t be the best idea to defend many hands by making a bet. That’s why, refer to the above charts to know which hands can advantage of to skyrocket your tournament results. 

Poker Cheat Sheet for Flop Strategy 

Since the flop betting round is the first one with community cards available, it is necessary to have a strong strategy to make your overall game a lot stronger. 

  • Utilize continuation bets (c-bet) to win the pot by making a flop bet. 
  • The range and size of the c-bet will depend on the player’s position, your position, and pre-flop play. 
  •  Using small sizing is good, as this is a simplified way to approach post-flop play.

Besides, if you are new, do consider this poker cheat sheet for beginners to have a good start! Below, we have mentioned some more strategies that will come in handy for absolute beginners, so give it a good read.

Get Into the Right Poker Room and Bankroll 

It is very essential to make sure that you are playing in the right place. So, pick a room where there are enough options to score a victory by enacting a cheat card for poker. 

And, if you decide to go to a big pool, there are more chances for you to find fish/es. So, shortlist the options available for you according to your location. 

Tip 💡

For any legal doubts about websites, you can just email the respective poker site and get your queries resolved. 

Besides this, investing money in poker is always concerning. So, if you are playing at the lowest limit of 1c/2c at $2 buy-in, make sure your account has $60 at least. 

A few tips that you can follow for your bankroll are:-

  1. Make sure you keep a record of your profits or losses when you are trying to build your bankroll. 
  1. Get a shot in the arm with welcome bonuses and promotions. 
  1. Try not to load your account with excessive gameplay, especially if you are a beginner. 
  1. Choose your games and tables wisely. Go for a swap if fish/es are missing. 

Know About the Texas Hold’em Betting Rounds 

Texas Hold’em, cash games and tournaments feature majorly four betting rounds.

Let’s take a look!

The Pre-Flop

The pre-flop is a point where the hand begins. Here, the player to the immediate left of the dealer pays a small blind, and the player to the direct left pays a big blind. (**That is usually twice the size of the small blind.**)

After blinds are paid, the dealer pitches a face-down card to each player. It begins with the small blind and moves in a clockwise direction. Once done, the dealer again deals another face-down card to each player with the small blind. 

Now, the UTG acts first. If the UTG player folds or calls, the next player to act can either think to match their raise with a call or opt to make a raise of their own. 

The Flop 

It defines the progression of the hand that reveals three of the five community cards. The betting round starts with the player closest to the dealer’s left, who either checks or bets. 

The successive player can choose to either bet or put in a raise. If one player remains in the hand, the new hand begins as the flop betting round ends. 

The Turn 

During this phase, 5 of 4 community cards are revealed. Here, the action is the same as the flop. If a player remains after everyone has acted or moves onto the river or players still have hole cards in front of them, the round ends. 

The River 

It is the final and fifth community card to play. The round begins with the player left to the dealer. The first player can select to bet or check, and the subsequent players can call the bet or raise or fold. 

The Showdown 

Keep in mind that it takes place when 2 or more players are left after the river round. The hole card is revealed by the player who has previously bet or raised. In case, no betting action is left, the player closest to the dealer’s left will reveal their holdings.

So, now, the winner would be the player with the best 5-card poker hand ranking!

Do You Know? 🤔

Mucking is an act of folding off your hand without it being seen by your opponents. 

Besides this, try to focus on a Continuation Bet (CBet) in most situations against a single opponent. It’s always better to bet around 60% of the pot. 

Tricks to Play Post-Flop

After the Flop you can opt for the following tricks to save the game: 

  1. Strong monsters 
  2. Medium-strength hands
  3. Draws 
  4. Trash 

The following tips will help you save the fortune to act in the two most common scenarios:-

  1. 1 and 3:- Bet/raise your strong monster. (It could be top-pair/top-picker (TPTK) or anything better or draw.) 
  1. 2 and 4:- You can play more passively with the category 2 and 4 hands. This time you can check or call up your medium-strength hands. Also, fold your trash hands. 

Although the situation-dependent scenarios are always there, you can count on the tips mentioned above. 

The Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make

As a beginner player, it is common for you to end up making mistakes. But, if you limit them, it can help you to reduce the number of difficult decisions that you might have to make. Here are the most common mistakes that usually new players make: 

  1. Playing out of position
  2. Playing weak starting hands
  3. Playing marginal hands against a raise 

Try to stick to the playing hands of the list. Jump into playing against the raise when you have a very strong hand.  

Quick-Tips for Poker Texas Hold’em 

Besides all the essential things discussed above, there are a few quick tips that you can keep in mind to have more wins. 

  1. Try to play tightly at the beginning of the tournament, as it’s rare that anyone wins during the initial levels of play. 
  1. Preserve your stack at the beginning of the tournament to get more value than building a bigger stack. 
  1. Try not to get crazy from UTG just because it is a tournament. 
  1. Take advantage of players and work to accumulate many chips as the money bubble approaches. 
  1. Also, keep an eye on the stack sizes of the players yet to act, as you could be priced in to call their all-in bet. 
  1. You can go in two ways, via GTO (Game-Theory Optimal) to make profits from your opponent’s mistakes. Or, deviate to maximize your profits by targeting your opponents’ exploitable tendencies. 
  1. Try to be very selective with the hands you play because it increases your chances of winning from the very beginning. 
  1. By practicing this, you will be able to make stronger pairs stronger flushes, and have more kickers. 

Use this poker cheat sheet as a starting point for preventing massive mistakes. You can adjust these strategies to try to play tightly at the beginning of the tournament and increase your win rate.

Since the cheat sheet is designed to prevent you from making any mistakes or losing money. However, if you are with extremely weak or novice players, you can open more hands than the standard chart of 3bet and can make extra money. Also, you can wisely play exploratively to maximize your winnings over weaker opponents. 

Use a Balanced Strategy While Executing Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheet

It is best to implement a balanced strategy to play safe in a tough game or when you are against unknown players. You should aim to raise 3 times as per the big blind default strategy. 

You can make more than 3x in low-stakes live games or extremely loose online games. Remember, to act swiftly and precisely in each situation to tackle them with ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it fair to use Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheets?

Yes, it is fair to use the Texas hold em cheat sheet, as it provides you with short and crisp information about the cards according to their value.

What is the best and worst hand in poker?

Royal Flush and High Card are the best and worst hands in poker.

What would happen if two poker hands were the same?

The kicker will decide the winner, which is the highest value card outside the pair/three-of-a-kind.


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