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Are you someone who has recently been introduced to poker by your family and friends? If that is the case, the first thing you might have noticed is that there is no use of money in this game, rather poker chips are used. If you wish to ace this game, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the poker chips value and color.

The poker chips value in various cash games, tournaments, and house games will be spelled out in detail in this article. A poker chip color value is determined by the number of units it represents.

Poker Game with Poker Chips

To know more about poker chip values by color, its denominations, and values in different games read through this article with focus.

What are Poker Chips?

Poker chips are round wafers that weigh between 10 and 15 grams and have a diameter of 39 or 40 mm. They can be used as poker currency in home games, cardroom or casino events, and cash games and tournaments. They give players a means to play poker with a common understanding of the dollar values while they are represented throughout the play.

In the context of a poker game, poker chips are usually referred to simply as “chips” or “poker chips.” In poker games, these tiny, round discs are utilized as money to symbolise and wager actual money. Poker chips are available in a variety of colors and denominations, making it simple for players to differentiate between different chip values when playing.

Conventional Poker Chips Value

How much are poker chips worth? may be a question that crosses your mind if you play poker or casino games. To begin with, you have to understand that each card room has a unique value for poker chips. 

The value is determined by the local poker community, the tournament director, and the owner of the casino. Because government regulations over its value do not exist. The separate poker rooms have full control over the colors and values of their chips.

Poker chips come in two different denominations: Basic denominations refer to the usage of small quantities of poker chips with fundamental values. However, in a few professional settings when a range of chip values is required, the entire denomination is used.

The table below summarizes the poker chip’s value and colors – Basic Denominations

Poker Chip ColorsPoker Chips Value

The table below showcases the poker chips’ value and colors – Full Denominations.

Poker Chip ColorsPoker Chips Value
Yellow$2 (Seldom used)
Green$25 (Values vary between $25 Green or $25 Gray)
Yellow$1000 (Grey or burgundy at times)
Light blue$2000

Never take the poker chip color value for granted, otherwise, you might face huge losses.

History of Poker Chip’s

Ivory Poker Chips

Your grandparents might tell you that poker chips were originally made of wood and ivory when they were growing up. Unlike in the past, poker chips are now typically composed of plastic. For environmental reasons, a lot of individuals dislike using plastic chips. 

Yet since it’s one of the most affordable chips, you have little choice but to utilise it. In the early days of the game, players utilised poker makers to track their wagers.

In the 19th century, plastic chips were not always used for this particular game. It was made of ivory, bones, and clay in the beginning. Following that, items with intrinsic worth were used, including gold coins, gold dust, and gold nuggets to make it.

But it was obvious that a game that was becoming more and more popular with the public, it needed to be standardisation. The 1880s saw the official introduction of poker chips. Since clay chips can be expensive for the producer, less expensive poker chips are composed of molded plastic.

In the 1980s, ceramic chips were first introduced, and in the 21st century, chips with advanced technology like microdots and UV marks were added. By giving the poker chip industry a security shield, it completely changed the landscape.

Poker Chip Values in Tournaments and Cash Games 

WSOP Tournament Chip Values

Do you know poker chip values in tournaments and cash games are different from home games? 

There are three main reasons why poker chip color and value vary in almost all tournament and cash games.

  • In cash games, the value of poker chips is their exact value.
  • To indicate the competition’s stake.
  • The primary goal of chip difference is to stop participants from attempting to enter tournaments with sidled cash game chips.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is perhaps the first poker tournament that comes to mind when discussing poker competitions.

Let’s review the values and colors of the poker tournaments that are represented in the table below.

WSOP Tournament Poker Chip ColorsWSOP Tournament Poker Chip Values
Light Blue$500
Dark Green$25,000
Red (Oversized)$500,000
Yellow (Oversized)$1,000,000
Purple Oversized$5,000,000

A few different titles for cash games include live-action games, ring games, and real poker games. There are no entry or exit restrictions, and actual poker chips are used in these games.

The value and color of the poker cash games are displayed in the following table.

Cash Games Poker Chip ColorsCash Games Poker Chips Value
Blue, Brown, or Orange$10
Dark Green or Dark Blue$25,000
Light Blue$1,000,00

It is important to note that tournament chips are worth more than cash games and have the event logo etched on them.

Value of Poker Chips in Home Games

Playing poker is one of the most enjoyable things to do on holidays, parties, or weekends. But you cannot go out every time with your family to play poker at commercial places because there would be different age groups of your family members and taking them along won’t be viable. 

So, to enjoy poker games from the comfort of your home it is necessary to decide regarding poker chip values by color, to avoid chaos.

One way to prevent this monotony is to establish a benchmark for the game. The most popular chip colors and values used in home games are shown in the table below.

Home Game Poker Chip ColorsHome Game Poker Chips Value

If you’re organising a poker party, these widely accepted poker chip values by color for home games can prevent misunderstandings and arguments.

The Bottom Line

By now, you must have gained a proper knowledge of poker chip values by color. So, you are well-informed to decide whether you want to play a home game or a tournament. When playing games like poker and casino, poker chips are a necessary component that you cannot enjoy without. 

These gaming chips stand in for the currency in the game’s system; without them, the game’s framework will fall apart. It is advisable to gain experience with poker chip colors and values before participating in a commercialized form of poker game.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best poker chip color value in a tournament?

The best poker chip color value in a home game is purple oversized with a $5,000,000 denomination.

How can I assess Casino chips value?

Typically, Casino chips value is determined by:

  • The composition of the chips
  • Their weight
  • Their appearance
  • The chips’ inherent rarity value
What poker chip’s to purchase?

Chips come in a wide variety of designs and are constructed from a variety of materials, including plastic, clay, ceramic, and clay composite. The buyer’s particular preferences will determine which chips to buy.

The substance used in their fabrication will determine how much the chips are worth.

What is the best poker chip color value in a home game?

The best poker chip color value in a home game is black with a $100 denomination.


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